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Also François Servais (Halle, 1807 - Halle, 1866) has his own web site.

This Belgian cellist and composer toured all over Europe. On those trips, he played for the courts of Belgium, The Netherlands, France, England and Denmark, the tsar of Russia and the sultan of Turkey.

As one of the most important nineteenth-century cellist-composers, Servais contributed to the development of cello technique, and to the cello’s ‘emancipation’ as a solo instrument in its own right.

Today, his music is alive and kicking: his compositions are being studied, performed or listened, throughout the world.

This website offers you a lot of information about this famous musician and his descendants, based on thorough research.

The Servais Society


Newsletter March 2016 online (March 2016)

The Newsletter of March 2016 is available:
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Registrations for the Cello masterclasses (December 2015)

The second ‘Four Day Cello Event with Servais’ will take place at the Servais Academy between April 7th and 10th 2016. You can now register for the masterclasses.
More info: click here.

Newsletter October 2015 online (October 2015)

The Newsletter of October is online:
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18th Servais Concert (October 2015)

This 18th concert will be the conclusion of the festivities on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of the Halle wind orchestra.
More info: click here..

17th Servais Concert (May 2015)

On June 6 2015 Seeli Toivio and Nazareno Ferruggio will come to Halle for the 17th Servais Concert.
More info: click here.

Newsletter April 2015 online (April 2015)

he Newsletter of April is online:
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16th Servais Concert (March 2014)

The Tansman Quartet plays on the sixteenth Servais Concert on Friday, April 11, 2014. But there is still more to do this weekend.
More info: click here.

Newsletter (March 2014)

The newsletter of March 2014 is online : click here.

Cello Master Classes ‘Servais’ 2014 (January 2014)

From April 11 till 13: a musical encounter with the Tansman Quartet. More info : click here.

15th Servais Concert (October 2013)

Viviane Spanoghe and Didier Poskin will be our guests for the fifteenth Servais Concert on November 23, 2013.
More info: click here.

14th Servais Concert (April 2013)

On May 24 2013 the Duo Eden and the cello quartet Occello / 2 are coming to Halle for the 14th Servais Concert. More info: click here.

Servais Collection Online (April 2013)

With the support of the province of Vlaams-Brabant the Servais Society is co-operating with the local ZWB Museum to give the public access to the Servais collection. A number of items are already available on

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Recent Publications

Servais! fils de l’harmonie (February 2015)

Book about the Halle wind orchestra and the Servais family.
More info: click here.

6 Etudes

Cd Duo Servais (November 2014)

The German ‘Duo Servais’ recorded two duos by Servais. A must have!
More info: click here.

6 Etudes

Brand new:   (October 2013)
The 6 Etudes by Servais

Servais’ 6 Etudes have remained virtually unknown but they do prove very suitable as exercises and they are also highly enjoyable pieces of music for concert performances.
More info: click here.

6 Etudes

duoW with Servais (September 2013)

Meta Weiss and Arianna Warsaw-Fan have recorded the ‘Grand Duo de Concert’ by Servais
More info: click here.


Score Servais opus 1 (November 2012)

Harpiana Publications published Servais' opus 1 for cello and harp or piano.
You can also order it via the Servais Society.

Fantaisie opus 1

Earlier publications…

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