Godebski Cyprien en de Coster Raymond

Cyprien Godebski en Raymond de Coster

°Méry-sur-Cher, October 30, 1835 – †Paris, November 25, 1909

Servais’ son-in law 

The Polish sculptor Cyprien Godebski married Sophie Servais, who was Servais’ oldest daughter, in Halle. Cyprien Godebski was a teacher at the Art Academy of Saint-Petersburg and sculpted amongst other things, well-known figures in France, Great-Britain, Russia, Belgium, Hungary, the Ukraine, Monaco and Peru. Godebski was a friend of Franz Liszt, Gioacchino Rossini and Gabriël Fauré.

Selective list of works:

  • Bas-reliefs Villa Servais, Halle (1864)
  • bust of Gioaccino Rossini, Halle (1865)
  • statue François Servais, cellist and composer, Grand’Place Halle (1869)
  • statues ‘de Waarheid’ and ‘de Gerechtigheid’, Old town hal in Halle (ca. 1870)
  • medallion Hector Berlioz, cimetary Montmartre, Paris (1884)
  • bust François Servais, Henry Vieuxtemps and François-Auguste Gevaert, Royal Conservatory of Brussels
  • statue Alexander Fredros, Polish writer, Cracow
  • statue ‘La Muse Calliope’, tomb of Théophile Gauthier, cimetary Montmartre in Paris
  • statue ‘La Force brutale étouffant le génie’, Toulon (ca. 1888)
  • statue Adam Mickiewicz, Polish poet, Warsaw (1898)
  • statue Copernicus, Cracow (1900)
  • statue ‘Notre-dame-des-Naufragés’, Point-du-Raz (1904)

Brochure ‘Cyprien Godebski (1835-1909) in Halle

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Godebski5 - BL693-40

La Force Brutale Etouffant le Génie (ansichtkaart Servais Collection Halle)

Godebski6 - mieckiwicz

Standbeeld Adam Mickiewitz – Warschau (foto Servais Collection Halle)

Godebski4 - BL693-34

Tombe Théophile Gautier (ansichtkaart Servais Collection Halle)

Godebski2 -franz liszt a paris

Franz Liszt in het atelier van Godebski in Parijs (c) Servais Collection Halle

Godebski3 - la force brutale Godebski

Tekening van La Force brutale étouffant le Génie (c) Servais Collection Halle