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The Belgian cellist-composer François Servais (1807-1866) toured all over Europe. As one of the most important nineteenth-century cellist-composers, Servais contributed to the development of cello technique, and to the cello’s ‘emancipation’ as a solo instrument in its own right.

Today, his music is alive and kicking: his compositions are being studied, performed or listened, throughout the world.

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  • November 23: 22th Servais Concert-
    The Japanese cellist Yutaka Hayashi regularly plays the compositions of Servais. He is also preparing a CD dedicated to Servais. In Halle he will play pieces by Servais and by other members of the Belgian School of Cello Playing. More info
  • Servais Prize at the Competition 'Triomphe de l'Art'-
    The fourth edition of the International Music Competition ‘Triumph of the Art’ is open to strings from 15 to 32 years old and will take place in the Brussels Conservatory from 19 to 24 November 2018. Cellists in category 1 (15-20 years old) will in the first round be able to choose between a short virtuoso composition by David Popper or François ...
  • Cello masterclasses Servais 2018-
    It’s possible now to subscribe for the cello masterclasses Servais 2018. More info

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  • Cd Fantaisie de Servais-
    After 10 years Yutaka Hayashi has become a natural at Servais’ music and it was time for a cd. That cd contains no less than six compositions by Servais: four of his best known pieces – Souvenir de Spa, Le Carnaval de Venise, La Romanesca and La Fille du Régiment – and two duos on Der Freischütz and La Traviata. ...
  • Dvd Leven in Villa Servais-
    The Villa Servais means something in Halle. Not only because of its dominant position nearby the Halle city center, but above all because of the special history of the building. It was the place where the famous cellist Servais lived with his family since 1847 and received his international friends. During the second world war it provided accommodation to German ...
  • Cd: Duo ForteCello-
    On 1 June 2018 the cd ‘Soul of Nations’ made by the French-Polish duo ForteCello was presented. That cd also contains a composition by Servais. The duo ForteCello – Philippe Argenty and Anna Mikulska – travels all over Europe with the program ‘Soul of Nations’. Each composition is inspired by a specific country – just as the Spanish Suite by ...
  • The Belgian School of Cello Playing-
    Since the nineteenth century, Belgium has produced many cellists that have made themselves heard worldwide. The most famous one is François Servais, the ‘Paganini of the Cello’. But there are many other cellists who have also helped shape what came to be known as the ‘Belgian School of Cello Playing’. More info
  • CD: Duo Ardente plays Servais-
    Duo Ardente – Aleksandra Lelek (cello) & Maciej Zimka (accordion) plays Servais’ Fantaisie sur deux Airs russes opus 13 on their debut CD. The piece has been released on CD for the first time. Here in a transcription for cello and accordion, which makes sense. The CD also contains works by Sofija Gubajdulina (In Croce), Zbigniew Bargielski (Labyrint) and Astor ...

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