6 Etudes pour Violoncelle

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Quinzard – Paris – [1896?] – PN A.Q. et Cie 584 (1)-(6)

Ouvrage adopté par le Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles / 6 / Etudes / pour / Violoncelle / par / A. François Servais / (Œuvres posthumes) / Edition revue par Franz Servais

Paris, A. Quinzard & Cie Editeurs

François Servais, 6 Etudes for Cello and Piano or 2nd Cello
edited by Peter C. Dzialo

Halle, Servais Society, 2013. Introduction by Peter François.
44 + 24 + 12 pages.
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After a hundred years the Servais Society publishes a new edition of Servais’ Etudes, which have remained virtually unknown but are absolutely worthwhile. They can be played with piano as well as cello accompaniment. Not only do these Etudes prove very suitable as exercises, they are also highly enjoyable pieces of music for concert performances.

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