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The Belgian cellist-composer François Servais (1807-1866) toured all over Europe. As one of the most important nineteenth-century cellist-composers, Servais contributed to the development of cello technique, and to the cello’s ‘emancipation’ as a solo instrument in its own right.

Today, his music is alive and kicking: his compositions are being studied, performed or listened, throughout the world.

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  • Expo The Belgian School of Cello Playing - An introduction to the Belgian School of Cello Playing in Flagey, from 10 to 20 May, 2017. More info
  • 10 March: recital Arte Amanti - Aleksandr Khramouchin (cello) and Sofja Gülbadamova (piano) play among others the Souvenir de Saint-Pétersbourg by Servais! More info on
  • Champagne for the Villa Servais - Champagne for Christmas? Choose for the special “Cuvée Villa servais”. Full revenue will be used for the restoration of the frontage sculptures representing Rossini and Meyerbeer. More info on

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  • CD: Duo Ardente plays Servais - Duo Ardente – Aleksandra Lelek (cello) & Maciej Zimka (accordion) plays Servais’ Fantaisie sur deux Airs russes opus 13 on their debut CD. The piece has been released on CD for the first time. Here in a transcription for cello and accordion, which makes sense. The CD also contains works by Sofija Gubajdulina (In Croce), Zbigniew Bargielski (Labyrint) and Astor ...
  • Servais! fils de l'harmonie - Peter François describes the close link between the Halle wind orchestra and the Servais family. Peter François, Servais, fils de l’harmonie! De familie Servais en de Halse Harmonie Halle, Koninklijke Harmonie Sinte-Cecilia, 2015 178 p., 141 ill. – ISBN: 9789090058290 More info
  • Fantaisie polonaise - François Servais, Fantaisie polonaise, opus 19 & Souvenir de Czernowitz, opus 21 Euphonium, 2016 € 22 – available through the Servais Society
  • Souvenir d'Anvers - François Servais, Souvenir d’Anvers for Cello and Piano Edited by Nicolas Deletaille Halle, Servais Society, 2016. Introduction by Peter François.
  • La Romanesca - François Servais, La Romanesca for Cello and Quintet or Piano Halle, Servais Society, 2016. Introduction by Peter François. More…

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